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Thursday, July 20, 2006

For Peace in the Middle East...

Lebanon’s government has referred to the Israeli offensive as a massacre today as Israeli troops cross the boarder and Lebanese causalities reach over 300. Half a million Lebanese have been displaced and God knows how many injured. Compare this to the 15 Israeli civilians and 14 soldiers killed then British press coverage looks more and more scandalous. Foreign nationals have been evacuated in their 10’s of thousands but the British government still hasn’t called on Israel to stop its invasion instead calling for a “UN force” to be sent to the region, giving Israel a green light to continue while their war crimes mount. Even the UN is forced to admit their response is disproportionate and the Lebanese President saying,
"Israel is bombing everything, even little streets, even ambulances, even lorries which are taking the food supplies,"
Israel hasn’t behaved like this since the 70’s and surely can’t get away with it when awareness about the Middle East is as high as it is today. Global opinion seems to be gradually turning against Israel as its actions are demonstratively racist. No amount of media coverage can cover up that this is an immensely one sided “war.”

That aside it has to be remembered that Hezbollah are the only army to inflict a defeat on the IDF and are anything but a push over as well as Israeli actions nullifying any Lebanese resistance to Hezbollah’s presence. Israel has in effect shot itself in the foot. Attempts by the US and UK to draw in Syria and Iran also seem to be flawed as Israel simply can’t risk wider involvement. The number of questions raised by the situation is simply immense and the cost in lives of the region being on a knife edge even bigger.

It’s easy to forget that this whole situation was started by Israel holding Gaza and 1/3rd of the Palestinian Government hostage. The issue of a free Palestine and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon are intimately linked. For this reason the question of solidarity in the UK is key for us and the mantra of keeping the movement broad and radical is essential. The Palestinian solidarity movement must unite and march as one on Saturday. If we are to end this crisis one step closer to a free Palestine it means inflicting a political defeat on Israel. The blame for this invasion must lie with Israel for its actions in Gaza and the West Bank and for its disproportionate use of force in Lebanon.

March with us on the 22nd in Manchester, London and Edinburgh.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger El Tom said...

to be fair to the UN, they have made hundreds of pronouncements throughout this whole affair, some of which have been ignored by islamist millitants, but the vast majority of which have been ignored by Israel.

Their response to this issue has been totally out of proportion, so much that it almost makes me wan't to buy a keffiyah. nearly. Not that I agree with kidnap, but come on, those people were soldiers fighting a war, and it was only a couple of them anyway.

We need a stronger UN, more prepared to take on richer countries, and with more force to back it up.

At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but tom, the US vetoes anything the UN does it doesn't like, as they have the controlling vote, why else is Israel able to ignore all the resolutions against them?

Similarly the UN is no friend to people in the middle east considering it oversaw the sanctions in Iraq which killed millions…

No sorry reformism here is not the answer, only a strong resistance below of the arab populations will do that job…

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Cliffite said...

What if I get you a Kaffiyah Tom? Join the protests on Saturday if you want a distinct position make your own placard.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger El Tom said...

I'll take you up on the keffiyah if you promise to get me a Kippah too. ;0)

I support isreal's right to exist. I'm for Israel, and against it's politics. I don't think that is the message that support of groups outside the PLO sends. I'm against the unnecesary killing of innocents by Israel, but also by Hamas etc. The only legitimate targets are military ones. all else is terrorism or accident.

and anonymouse, I'd bring in hurdled majority voting... do away with the veto. Has to be part of UN reform. I wonder if the US would accept that? would stop those pesky sino-russians...

I don't think any resistance stands a chance, but they really have no choice. the real beef is at whether Hizb'Allah team up with Lebanon, or they fight it out 3-way stylee. whatever, I'll be sticking up for the lebanese army.

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Hezbollah is reactionary, unable to differentiate between classes in Israel, and not interested in appealing to progressive Israelis. Yet Israel has much more blood on its hands.

Lebanon has been abandoned by G8 and Arab states. Even the Lebanese government is using more resources, for outsiders safety.

Good luck at the demo.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger El Tom said...

yeah, for me, Israel's existence is something I accept, not that, were it palestine today, I would support setting it up. but a lot of time has passed.

but it's behaviour pisses me off frequently, particularly it's failure to withdraw to it's 1967 borders, and the callous way it regards civilians outside of it's territories.

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